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Marine Energy Council

In 2014, NHA formed the Marine Energy Council to provide a home for the marine energy community, cementing NHA’s role as the unified trade association representing the full spectrum of water power technologies.

NHA’s Marine Energy Council unites technology developers, academic institutions, consultants, component suppliers and service providers representing the wave, tidal, ocean current, and riverine sectors and focuses attention on the potential growth opportunities of emerging technologies, share information among industry members, and provide a forum in which to discuss the various challenges ocean, tidal, hydrokinetic and emerging water technologies face.

The council focuses on:

  • Securing vital funding for research and development through the Department of Energy’s Water Power Program and providing input on how best to leverage those investments to further the marine energy sector;
  • Supporting legislative efforts to secure the long-term inclusion of marine energy technologies in federal incentives for renewable energy including the Production Tax Credit, the Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) program and others;
  • Recognizing these new technologies in clean energy programs, such as a Renewable Portfolio Standard;
  • Developing a smart and expeditious permitting scheme;
  • Creating or increasing research, demonstration and development programs at other federal agencies that fund and support these emerging technologies; and,
  • Promoting the important role emerging technologies can play in meeting increased demand for clean energy.

NHA also hosts the International Marine Renewable Energy Conference and Marine Energy Technology Symposium, co-located with the NHA Annual Conference in at Waterpower Week in Washington.

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